28 December 2009

My Cats

We are moving on Friday (what a painful process!) and to make it easier on my cats, we sent them to my parents, a full 6 hours' drive away! I miss them very much. It's so strange not to have a little furball sleeping at my feet at night, or not waking up to a kitty's purr. I also don't have my usual companion on my lap when blogging - how sad!

I have made a LO with them so you can see how absolutely adorable my cats are and why I miss them so much!

The black-and-white one is Didi, my 3-year-old girl and the other is my 1-year-old boy, Pablo.

We're not really moving in the sense of the word - we're not moving to a new house, but we are storing all our stuff, because we are going to Canada for 2 years! (More on this later). I have LOTS of packing to do, so I'm sure I won't have time to blog during the week.

Right after that we are going on holiday for another week and my life is so confusing right now with a new challenge with each new week, I don't even know what is in store for me for the next month! So, you probably won't hear from me during the next month, but I'll update you on everything once all has calmed down.

Have a lovely day... and month!

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