27 November 2009

Christmas with "Tidings of Joy"

Here are two of my sisters, each with one of our younger cousins at Christmas a few years back.

I've used the Tidings of Joy kit from Megan at Mommy's Time Out. What a lovely Christmas Kit!

24 November 2009

Johann & Radinka's Wedding

These are two pages of our friends, Johann and Radinka, who had a very formal, black and white wedding. I tried to do the layouts in the tone of the wedding and hope you like it!

I've used elements from Gunhild Storeide, Doreen Stolz and Andrea Gold.

20 November 2009

My first Digiscrap!

Here are two pages I have made of my husband and me with our engagement.

I've used elements from Gunhild Storeide, Andrea Gold, geniaBeana Scraps and Doreen Stolz and thanks to all of you!

Some of the websites I have designed

17 November 2009


Hey! I figured it out! I'll probably keep changing the look of my blog in the time to come until I am happy with it, but this will do fine for now.


Today is my husband and my second wedding anniversary! It suddenly seems that time has gone by really quickly. Too bad we cannot celebrate tonight, because our Bible study group has been moved from last night to tonight (unfortunately we only figured this out after having driven 35km on a dirt road to an empty farm house with 7 pizzas - the smell in the car was enough to make us ravenous), so we'll be eating out in the only restaurant in town tomorrow night as a mini celebration.
All of our weekends are ful for the next few weeks, so we'll be driving into the country the second weekend of December for the true celebration.

Blogwise I'm finding it very strange that I cannot add images to my blog to make it look more like a website, since I actually design websites! How strange is that? I have actually found a blog that helps with this, but I haven't been able to make it work.
Give me some time, I'm sure I'll figure it out in the end.

16 November 2009


Hi! I'm brand new to blogging and this is my first post!

This is basically a test to see what happens, where everything goes and what I have to do to jazz it up!

Hopefully I'll be up and running soon.